Storms (Let's Change Ourselves)

Thu, 04/11/2019 - 23:32 -- KieDea

it's been a
Cold November

This year - more than last
Or maybe less than last
Sometimes it's hard to remember

We cut our fingers clutching at dreams like fireflies
Trying to catch a flicker in the breeze
Trying to catch a hope before it pops back
into the night, camouflaged

Why does nobody say what they think
When my cosmos crumble in on each Other, devastated-
When every thought will never end,
When i stare at the black hole in space and
Do not feel your gravity anymore i will stop
Seeing these trivial

People fluttering to the ground
Their ashen velvet butterfly wings falling
Off their faces like stickers

i lied to say i'm human once too
it's no matter, please, it's no small matter when
You're body-broken and the truth feels like it should be
A twisted knife, a curse on your tongue, a
Stranger in bed, saying baby

i just need to be real again.

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My community
Our world
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