You, Me, and Poetry


You think you know who I am

Based on the words of my friends and my fam


I know I know who I am, that's true

More than the person who says my name more than I do


Poetry expresses what I think deep down inside

what others are deaf to, the mysteries of my life


You don't really know who I am

You listen to the birds who speaks for the lamb


I am sure that I know who I am

though everyday I learn more of myself, of who I really am


Poetry speaks for the quiet mouse

better than the hawk who pays attention to spam


You want to know who I am, in contemplation

but why ask a turtle who knows nothing about a giraffe's situation?


I am who I am, and not who I try to make myself be

because in reality, I can never be another, and another cannot be me


Poetry is the tunnel to the true character of me

not the mouths of the others who claim to know me


I hope you learned something at this minute

to learn truth of someone, ask that one to send it


If you absolutely want to learn of me,

ask me of me - truth, honesty, and satisfaction guaranteed 


If you want to learn the deep character of someone

read the poetry of the world, and learn the truth not from the others, but the one



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