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The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas serves a purpose through the pain The pain you feel when the clouds of social injustices rain Police brutality, no justice, this is really getting insane
This art piece explores the 2 sides to Starr.
How to Be Black -Deal with prejudice, injustice, and racism -Never attempt to showcase your intelligence to fellow black people; you’ll be perceived as white
Everyone says that All Lives Matter. But why do we protest against our color? Why is a gun aiming at my head? Later soon, i’ll be dead.
Back then black people used to hang from trees but from the same trees in 2016  We make tables, The fresh air doesn't seem that fresh anymore and now that I think about it those people hanging from the trees Makes my nose smell like Rotting Flesh,
I’m afraid. I’m just gonna flat out say it. I’m afraid. For my black brothers and sisters to get shot. What for though. I’m supposed to feel safe aren’t I?
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