Thug Life

Everyone says that All Lives Matter.

But why do we protest against our color?

Why is a gun aiming at my head?

Later soon, i’ll be dead.

Laying on the ground thinking what I did wrong.

Now, my future is gone.

Another black life that doesn’t matter,

They say I’m just a thug cause my color is a weapon.

So why give a police a gun?

In court pleading for my friend’s right.

Drive by happens everyday,

You decide to kill me cause a hair brush in my hand.

I thought this was the land of the free, but yet were still held in a penitentiary.

Do we no matter at all?

One shot kills one person,













But you decide to shoot again.

You shot my friend, now you’ll pay.

But in court you win again.

Different names, same story

Everything in this world, Can’t change again.

I see that little Infant holding up a gun,

I beg for his life, to be better again,

As the police holding up a gun in fear to shoot him.

I beg for him to be better again.

The same world were still in, but yet we still don’t matter.

I hope that I see Khalil again, but no time soon i’ll be with him.

Now, I know that there is no freedom in this world.

And never again.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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