The World

Back then black people used to hang from trees but from the same trees in 2016  We make tables, The fresh air doesn't seem that fresh anymore and now that I think about it those people hanging from the trees Makes my nose smell like Rotting Flesh, The ground is dirty and very old it will tell the story of every soul, It feels like sand rough to the touch small Little Rock's pick it up and drop it grain by grain will fall, The clothes on my back makes me think of the people who use to pick the cotton that people would make cloths with the same cotton, Those are my ancestors that's where I come from, What I Hear nowadays is bang bang bang little boys get shot with hoods on and Skittles in their pockets on the way home it's not right but I decide if I want to stand and fight. They change the grading process in the schools which makes some of us black kids look like fools they lower it so we can get in the schools that are better than we actually can get into, Donald Trump's in charge so every time I look in the sky I look for a plane a bomber plane to be specific, the shoes that you were does not mean everything and I what you black boys to know that if you have Yeezys on your feet or if you have Jordans on your feet it doesn't mean anything how about if you like shoes so much you should make your own, little black girls I hope that you know one day you might go pro you may sing you may dance even if you walk to school and you prance, and you older ones I did not leave you out I want you to know that there's still time to go about you may have diabetes or low blood pressure or high blood pressure but someday you'll be sure keep going to church don't let anyone discourage you. and those of you who decide to rap prayer for a purpose try to make a change with your life give your a life for someone else that need you like to be given for if you don't there will be a consequence no one will remember your name that is the consequence Drake made a change and he can keep doing it with his songs he makes so much money I know some of you rich people don't use all your money, if you don't use all your money give it to the homeless.

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Our world


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