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I am a warrior. A warrior of blood and bone. A warrior of heart and tears. A warrior. A warrior who cries so many tears that she competes with rivers.
we have rejected every single form of rules we were taught to obey   my soul feels different when you are around, like hands being held together   thats what love is, against all odds
Long long ago,  But not too long ago There was a time Wence hope did not prevail For a kingdom was Torn apart and never  put back together
Frivolous, and yet I'm strategic when I play chess,Trying to be honest and I'd be lying if I saidI'm oblivious and wasn't thinking of what happens next,I'm always looking a few moves ahead...
Harder are the days going, And smaller are my hopes being. Tired from those daily battles, Hiding goes my upcoming titles.
Worst of all. Better than the best. Feels like I'm flying when I fall. Will I rise to the test?   Super highs. Deadly lows. White lines. White smoke.
Early in the morning I sacrificed my time and my sleep to climb this mountain. While all was still dark and asleep, we were all awake. And so we began.
              Delaware By A.R.T   Hessians camp across the river Drinking like it is oktoberfest But little do they know We cross the river
Battle of Breed's hill By A.R.T On the hills we fortified Bunker and breed read for war But our defences were to no avail
 48 days of siege By A.R.T   Ottomans gather outside the wall They fire their cannons and taunt us We await salvation for 48 days
November 26th, 2016 I sit in my room Crying Hoping  Surviving Welcome to seventeen year old me Currently crying that you probably did not get into your top choice for college
find me lost in the middle of oblivion  tied to a pole in my thoughts of just givin in    like I'm trying to fight the very waves of the ocean  cause I can't find a vent for all this emotion 
The world is crying  cause children are starving  while inside your dying  and you can't stop the heartache  the dealers are buying  the people are lying but you can't stop trying  to fight it
The dust swirled with great aggression, resembling my thoughts, twisted and uncontrollable. The sky illuminated with darkness, black and gray, and ash,
Resilient. For I can sail my boat despite the chaotic storms. In the dictionary you would find my name, picture, soul next to the definition of resilient. What made me resilient? My battles.
A heart beats a steadily thump of a drum The sun sets above the horizon But it has not yet warmed my body. The sun glistens And the light sparks rainbows in the mist.
I walked a few steps;
I walk on this lonely road
Every scar is a reason, A reason to hold, A reason to love... Let me hold you in my arms tonight, Showing you that I can see the beauty through the beast,
Don't kiss me- There's still blood in my mouth from the last battle. You know, I've never actually left that field. A part 
they never even noticed the redness in her eyes they never even noticed  the signs that everyday she cried they never even noticed because they never even cared
This isn't my nightmare, no! My dreams and thoughts and veins ache for you! For release. To see them all again. All over. This isnt my nightmare, no! Cover me in pretty pink lines, baby, I need you now! no! Not you... not you...
I walk in the room, and all fifty-something of the people are staring at me instantly.    Well, not really.   
enough of your comfortand poetry about innocence   my scars are not an invitationfor you to kiss my wrists   and how dare you try to make me feellike my wars weren’t realdid not exist
  Although life isn’t perfect Battles 
   Every Christian has a different burden that they carry many of them forget that there is a sweet anointing in the sanctuary that there is a stillness in the atmosp
Walking down the street Its more than a dream Its the reality that makes my soul want to jump out of me What I see is a frightening sight All different faces but no difference inside
My home Beautiful seasons of crimsons and greens Vast blue seas I’m sorry Our greedy hands Ripped through your trees Poisoned your air and clear waters And brought fire into your sky
As times to come are seen from heav'n above, As life's pasture of green is burning bright, When eyes of men so keen do nothing miss, When hearts of gold are gleaned in dying night,
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