348 Steps into Battle

I walked a few steps;

I stepped 348 times.
The time it took to get here
Was not much at all,
But the journey coming from there 
Took so much energy.
This energizing frap
Is not what I should be drinking 
On a cold day.
I should have warmth.
I should be eating food.
I should have just slept last night,
But being a knight kept me from it.
I fought off bad, fire breathing thoughts
That froze my mind in conscious fear.
My armor of a sweatshirt
Now makes my arms hurt from the weight.
I cannot wait here any longer,
Held down by my hole filled chain male.
The long journey back is ahead of me
I cannot stay
So long to the waiters
And the flickering light
And my empty frappuccino cup.
Shivering from my cold drink,
I walk into the cold afternoon
Hoping that soon the sun will come out,
Giving me an excuse other than my lack of rest
For spending what money I had
To sip frigid coffee.
Without a steed, I walk back into battle,
Only an unhealthy amount of sugar in my sheath.
I walk back into battle,
348 steps to one of two;
Death or peace


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