Anorexia eating disorders

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I am not her I do not have the effortless waves that fall below her shoulders The works of art created that exceeds any previously set expectations   The good grades Top athlete awards Perfect social status
Fat thats what I am Ugly that's what I think when I look into the mirror, that mirror that just looks deeper into my eyes, that sees the hunger that fills them.Searching for the food that will stop the never-ending disorder.Help help that's what m
After the apple she doesn’t eat much. Not that she did before. Being a princess Means being beautiful. Being beautiful
Killing Me Inside   It was hard to explain why I was distraught How loving myself was an afterthought Hard to look at my mom straight in the eye And act like my eating disorder wasn't killing me inside
Shrinking wrists grow back Like dread of death after a long remission. Like moons they wax and wane. Full figure dwindlling into nothing into a crescent eerie smile, and I, silent observer,
When did everyone's problems become mine? A week before, I was just a friend and not a counselor I was a kid with a smile and shoulder to offer
Her are eyes are afraid to wander to the mirror Her body shakes with a sudden tremble and a terror Her handsfind her waist and pinches the skin She knows that if she plays this game she may not win
I could say that my life was changed in pre-school but that would be my mother's story.
I sleep in nothing but a chain A short, gold chain draped on my neck It weighs on me, I feel it closing in Choking me when I am weak   My sister's bones lie beside me
I looked into the mirror and just what did I see? A girl who looked inferior.  Oh God, is that me? My cheeks have sunken in, my pigment white as snow, my hair is getting thin,
In the past year  I've taken too many tylenol 
Why is it so hard for people to see That all I want is a thinner me Tons of weight I need to lose It's my life and I'll do what I choose Delicious foods I will not eat Exercising on my bleeding feet
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