Her are eyes are afraid to wander to the mirror

Her body shakes with a sudden tremble and a terror

Her handsfind her waist and pinches the skin

She knows that if she plays this game she may not win

the urges, they come and go 

E.D. is not a friend nor foe

 The truth is she wants to let him know 

That with every purge she hates him so

Their relationship is unpredictable

His lies are an untrue fable

She wishes she could eat the food at the dinner table 

A sudden guilt feel her mind

As she see's all the pretty models on the T.V. cable

She sinks to the floor with her toothbrush in her hand

Praying to God she has the strength to stand

E.D. will tell you to weigh 120 then 115 

She is slowly dying and everyone can see

She is oblivious to the point of denial 

But when she moves her lips all you can see is a crooked smile.

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