After the Apple

After the apple

she doesn’t eat much.

Not that she did before.

Being a princess

Means being beautiful.

Being beautiful

Means being skinny.

She got fat

With the dwarves;

Too many pies.

She can’t bring herself

To swallow anymore.

Every bit of bread

Becomes a poisonous gala.

Every sip of soup

Is a toxic fuji.

So she doesn’t eat.

The meat wears off

Her bones.

Skinny turns into skin.

Then he notices.

So she swallows,

But it doesn’t stay down.

Running from the room

To cough it up,

And spit it out.

She is surprised

At how easy it is

To make yourself hurl.

Her name becomes more fitting

As her face pales

‘Till it becomes translucent.

Just a wisp of the girl

From before the apple.


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this is a beautiful picture of an awful thing that is sometimes deemed okay in the world. well written good job

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