Is That Me?

I looked into the mirror

and just what did I see?

A girl who looked inferior. 

Oh God, is that me?

My cheeks have sunken in,

my pigment white as snow,

my hair is getting thin,

and my eyes have lost their glow.

What happened to that happy girl 

who never missed a beat?

It seems like Death gave her a whirl 

and now she screams defeat.

My parents can't even look at me,

they always turn away. 

It's all because society

had made me feel this way.

I used to be so confident,

not really anymore.

It is to my astomishment 

that I feel all done for.

I wasn't always skin and bones,

I didnt always puke.

I used to have an ice cream cone

but society rebuked.

I used to be a size eighteen

and now I fit a one.

Starvation was the new routine 

before the year was done.

I only wanted to lose a bit,

not forfeit my whole life.

But now it seems I just cant quit!

I'm stuck in inner strife.

The goal was to get skinny

and impress society,

not strip the parts that made me, me

and lose my sanity.

This is my accidental addiction,

my silent little killer,

it's what gave me my restrictions,

and has gotten me sicker.

Will anyone help my dying soul?

My weakend little heart?

No one willl hear my story whole,

they'll just watch me fall apart.

I looked into the mirror, 

and just what did I see?

A girl whose death is getting nearer

Oh God, that's me.


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