American soldiers

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Life Unexpectancies is like getting cursed out by a homeless dealin' with Self- Inflictions, Drug Convictions, an Acute Depiction of what life used to look like as a Soldier Man.
By Alexander Thymmons Written in August of 2007 (then, a rifle platoon leader in the 3RD Stryker Brigade Combat Team“Arrowhead”, 2ND Infantry Division)
We are honoring those who fought and died for the USA.We are honoring our deceased soldiers on Memorial Day.Many soldiers fought and died so that every American can be free.
Coffee black The sound of gunshots in my ear As i watch the video, gloved hand on gun, the sounds echoing But i don’t even drink coffee
We raise the best soldiers And make the biggest bombs We carry their caskets on our shoulders While we continue the war on Islam But it provides income for stockholders So the Government tells us to stay calm
Bravery in the face of danger Courage in a foreign land Your selflessness in service As strong and united you stand   For the old as with the young Both loved ones and those unknown
Today is her first birthday On the twenty-first of May. She looks beautiful on a 3x5, But I’m a million miles away.   I’m a million miles away,
 Oh Say Can You SeeThe faces of manyWho have servedBy The Dawn's Early LightTo the depths of the nightThe ones that continue to work What So Proudly We HailHard-won freedom’s taleAnd those who suffered that griefAt The Twilight’s Last GleamingWith
All that glitters is not gold, So how dare you be so bold, To say that the best things in life are free? Well, no one is free from impunity. You only have the freedom of speech,
It's unbelievable, the chances they take knowing their lives are at stake Fighting for freedom and rights,  all day long, and again at night Leaving behind all they know and love,
Thank you is not enough to say For the price of freedom you pay. You sacrifice your time, and possibly your life In order to allow freedom in this country to survive. Without you, this country would be nothing,
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