Carpe Noctem

Coffee black

The sound of gunshots in my ear

As i watch the video, gloved hand on gun, the sounds echoing

But i don’t even drink coffee

It’s coca-cola in a mug, cold to the touch when my brain thinks otherwise

Just like it did when it heard the gunshots

A dull throb like i should know

I should remember

But there’s nothing. I try but there’s nothing to remember

Gun shots.

He showed me a bit of his world

I don’t even remember asking, but he did.

He sounded glad-

As if no one ever asks.

As if his previous dames don’t want to know that side of him

That he would have to kill if it was necessary

I’m not his dame, though in another world perhaps.

Long distance is hard, harder when you’ve never met skin to skin

Face to face

Only through a screen

It’s not your fault, he says

It’s mine, is unspoken,

Though i shrug, he has his brothers there,

They’ve got his back

Against the crazy magpie who has sunk her talons deep into him

Flocking to whatever fits her fancy be it gem or man

He says he is only looking for a concrete reason

The lack of evidence is only one,

I’ll throw my gauntlet in the ring another day,

Right now I’ll just listen to the gunshots,

And hope he will never have to use them in a war.



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