american education

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Hey, Mr. Senator, Can you not see This isn't how learning is supposed to be Just take it from me, Under each eye, there's a lavender-shaded valley
Every time you turn on the TV There’s more bad news. It's so easy to ignore When it's not affecting you. People are suffering. Children are dying. When justice can no longer win
I was five years old when my family moved from the home we had lived in for so long. We moved to a new school, with new friends, and new problems. My mother had just given birth to what seemed at the time to be the antichrist, we call him Evan.
There’s no such thing as a stupid question No, it’s in the syllabus; don’t you dare talk back It won’t get you very far in life, that disposition
Hyphnos no longer holds me in his embrace His son, morph the sandman dream into nightmares I wake startled, am not home A country ruled by the Ares of a government
Education                                                             How do we perceive education, does it help us guide our lives.
Why is education so easy to bash on? Are we not, feeling classes arms long? Why is it so hard to get funds for school?
We say that education is a right... Yet there remains an inequality   If parents can afford to send their child to private school.. They are already at a higher level  
* Rriiiing * *Rriiiing* I'm serious this time.  *Rriiiing* No False alarm. I'm really going to fucking - Answer Goddamit ! 
She glances around, Then ducks into the bathroom.
We wonder, we ponder how tragedy must feel Is it like burning or a pure sensation With every waking moment you feel broken and helpless As you weep in sorrow you think of all the good times and laughter
Angels have dropped out of the sky Leaving black plumes in their wake The feathers from their wings Have left tears on the faces of those who loved them And lost them.  
I lay upon a rubbery bed, My mind fuzzy with lethargy, And ponder what was in my head, When I had decided not to sleep, And that's when they dragged her in,
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