Mr. Senator

Hey, Mr. Senator,

Can you not see

This isn't how learning is supposed to be

Just take it from me,

Under each eye, there's a lavender-shaded valley

The marks of dedication everyone will see.


I do think you can do better on that test,

Because the questions won’t ask me to do my best.

They only cover a few concepts, and none of the rest,

But the whole year is built around one state-issue test.


You wonder why we have such a high suicide rate,

When school is something we're all taught to hate.

You wonder why none of us feel well,

When we come into a place of educational hell.


My art teachers need more funding,

But you cut it all for common-core study

I really do think it’s not a good pass,

To make me pay for my fucking art class.


I may very well start crying,

Considering classes that make me feel like dying

I couldn’t care less about my classes, they just aren’t worth it,

But they try to dictate all of my merit.


No one is kidding when they say

That the school will punish you if you dare differ or have a bad day

Sometimes there’s hell to pay.


When I come in, learning’s a chore

Because the material is such a bore.

However, my grades cannot be ignored,

Because an “A” goes on my record.


I haven’t used my brain,

And all the stress is such a pain

And now school is held in disdain

But at least I know why the Puritans complained.


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My community
My country
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