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Straight outta the gate, a tale based off self-hate Peep how certain pieces of the jigsaw develop and correlate: More undefined than cardinal directions in space, Nationality, ethnicity, or descriptions of race
 LIONESS   Go into your cave Lick your woundsI understand You're a leo too....   You give all of what you gotAll that you can do....
KISS ME YOU FOOL!!  I know you understand me  It's uncanny   We have a rhyme  Unlike the many      we spent time .... 
SHOOTING STAR   Shooting star Yet so farDancing on       the ocean breezeSoundless musicPlays on      let it burn with ease That's what it does.... 
YOU, ME and THE SEA   The wind carried the ocean’s voice to me she whispered:         “Come to me my lover         I hear you love another         Bring her to me
IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE     Did you feel the rain?  The pictures and words  that floated by tonight...    Did you listen To the rain?  That tapped your shoulder 
AND WE FOUND ALL THAT   I know agony. I know victory. I thought I knew love...   My nights sleeping with shadows       of empty arms. And lonely dreams 
They are thoroughly domesticated- and some unfortunates are driven to the point of cowering. They will gladly beg for a bone and to receive table scraps- is to be in Heaven.
Lurching from side to side, the winds of culture, education, and relationships washed my little mind to and fro.   My little mind, asail at sea,
To the one who haunts me most:   I shove my feet into the boots and pray nobody sees me shake. Every morning, I wake up with a sense of regret lingering in my system.Drip.
If This is what would be described as Love, Let me know that you see It. Only, see not only roses and a glass of champagne, instead Velvet-soft flickers of a name from time to time throughout the day,
Welcome to the jungle, friends welcome scavengers, welcome predators, welcome ungrateful beasts. welcome free birds of which I so aspire.   Welcome flowers and cats. Welcome ladybug.
 The Seeing Man, A chaste man displaced, Saunters through life Without a single expression On his pallor white face.   The Seeing Man Never utters a cross word He feeds the hungry
  They don't sleep on the beach anymore.
  Dead! My love is dead! Taken from me prematurely By silver wrought through his heart, Murdered By a man no more virtuous than himself Immortal heart impaled My sisters slayed, bodies flayed
I feel the heat on my back scorching where my wings could be. Should be. I bite and I kick
A young girl, nearly of age, stood at the edge of indecision. Love stretched, reaching to the farthest end of the universe. She stood.
I stand guard; I must defend against anything and everything; I am sorry, but I cannot let you in, even if I wanted to, for I must defend the king   The king who is old and wise
buried in metaphors, the allegory of a door representing the figurative pathway to the highways and byways of my brain- the complexity. as it rains, i'm brainstorming some more
High, high is the way, a slow, smooth continuum unfurls through oil black clouds, flush as memory, dense as it is tangible. Your emerald green eyes pause,
The landscape of a soul is A valley of uncertainty Beneath a mountain of woes, A river of doubt Carving a path between A desert of despair And a forest laden with shortcomings.
I’ll never forget the first time I put on a pair of ice skates. The feeling of empowerment and the excitement of not knowing what would happen next. I was told once that you must skate alone before you can skate with someone else.
There is a kingdom ruled by a simpleton where walls are built up again and again. Questions are much too difficult, they say, and irrefutable logic is just foul play!
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