Stellar Subversion (Interstellar Prequel)

Tue, 05/18/2021 - 20:40 -- albm34

Straight outta the gate, a tale based off self-hate

Peep how certain pieces of the jigsaw develop and correlate:

More undefined than cardinal directions in space,

Nationality, ethnicity, or descriptions of race

Not always this way, was once simple and plain

A man attempted disowning part of himself to save face

What resulted was a complete and utter mental combustion

Walked into work with a new vibe everyday, made it hard for others to trust him

Slowly got worse, personalities began to shun him,

The true him, his own influence on himself began to lessen

His grasp on the reigns wained, he could no longer protest it

Others noticed he was a lot more aggressive and restless

Oblivious to their first mistake, all of a sudden an influx of missing reports

A souless being with no remorse, catching bodies like he was playing for sport

No one ever found the corpses, by his demeanor they knew it was him for sure

As for the path of least resistance, to live you must listen;

Stay 6 feet away or more, COVID distance, and bite back any thought or retort

Stifle your sneeze or cough, on the off chance you forget any of the above you get offed

Made it on the news, got called the "Unkillable Don"

Ain't no force special enough for the job

No matter who you are, get close enough and you're caught

The most chilling part that wasn't passed on to most, he wasn't the only one to go ghost

Hypertension victims saw his story and experienced aforementioned symtoms, like loss of control

Their unhealthy behavior began to thrive and grow

The world, no longer innocent, turned into a manic freak show

The more people that were killed, the less the killers had to roam

Their reach had grown; 6 feet was no longer considered a safe zone

Mini apocolypes across the globe, survivors counting down the date it'll implode

They'll be here long after us, maybe forever who knows?

Combined lifespans of everyone who has ever lived, versus a singular killer's (it's not even close)

You know the saying: either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain

Calculations say there'll come a day when two killers encounter each other and come too close

Need to devote a whole spin-off show for those episodes

No amount of theories and laws can dictate how that clash will go

For now though, just love others and yourself even more

A little can go a long way to maintain a pure core






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