Allegory of The Pit

I feel the heat on my back

scorching where my wings could be.

Should be.

I bite and I kick

I claw, I kill, and I fight to be free.

Knuckles bloody, throat raw from gasping,

from shrieking, from howling, from maniacally laughing.

But that’s how it goes,

that’s how it’s been

Ever since my wings were torn from me.


My fingers crack the surface, no longer hiding,

ripping, tearing once again.

The sudden weight of the clean air is almost too much,

But I’ve been fighting too hard, too long, since God knows when.

If He bothered to check up now and again.


My arms are weak from eons of fighting,

but with this newfound zen,

I can hoist myself out of the Pit I’ve been trapped in.

Clawing through the floorboards

of a house of an unsuspecting family.

They pin me in place with their wary stares,

and I smirk, knowing I affect them.

But I haven’t come all this way to frighten passers-by

I have a specific target, or targets.

they who Cast me Out in the first place,

I’ve nothing to fear, since I’ve fallen from grace.


Bestill my Heart,

Bewitch my Soul,

for now that I am not Below,

everything is within my grasp.

I don’t even have to ask.

Stand with me, in a line, in a row,

tell me all I need to know.


I am in-between

neither Angel, nor Demon,

but nothing quite human.

But that’s how it will be,

how it will seem,

for Eternity,

or the day I die.


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