An Allegory of Love


A young girl, nearly of age, stood at the edge of indecision. Love stretched, reaching to the farthest end of the universe. She stood. Uncertainty clouded her mind. Doubt. Fear. Curiosity. Touching the tightrope cautiously with her foot, she tested her chances. Is it smart? Is it safe? Unknown was her fate as she took the first step of faith. 

Surprising in its ability to hold her weight, the small cord slowly bounced beneath her stance. 

Momentary panic.

She reached for a hold that wasn't there, and nearly fell.

She inched. Step by step her courage grew. 

A small figure stood in the distance. 

Excitement coursed through her veins.

Blood pumping.

Butterflies fluttering.

Love: a long line.

There was no alternative route to the newcomer. The tightrope: her only chance. 

Fear was no longer apparent as hope shined from her confidence in the rope's ability. 

Swift were her steps; long was the rope. 

Below her, an abyss that seemingly led to nothing stretched into darkness.


The figure was leaving. 

She looked back. 

There was still time to turn around and return to safety.

She pushed on, against the risks.

Calling out to the nameless face, she continued her balancing act with desperation.

Faster and faster.

She feared the worst, hoping the figure would not completely disappear.

She needed someone.

She was closer than ever.

Just as she was about to reach the other side, an invisible force caused her to lose her balance.


She grabbed at the cord before it was too late.

Looking down at her, the figure, she now recognized as a man, slowly turned away at her plight. 

She heard his cruel laugh as he left her in suspension. 

Fingers slipping.

Heart breaking.

If only someone had warned her about the wind.


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