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You know my name you don’t know my story Don’t know how many times I’ve struggled to stand before He. With a fake smile and lyin eyes Didn’t know what I was doin-Compromise. Traded my happiness for a drinkTraded my lows for highsWanted everything
i wish you would hold me  like you hold that glass bottle like its the only thing that can comfort you, the only thing that accepts you,  the only thing capable of keeping your demons at bay
The Ashtray In The Corner   There’s an ashtray in the corner Ghost of past lovers on my wall They’re haunting my propriety
How an addict always hurries worries where the next fix comes from worries which of these tricks furry to run ya hunt ya they all want ya- fun stuff
I'm an addict to metal against my skin. Temptation to call that number. 1800 273 8255 Self harm hotline. Don't you see I'm fucking broken?
Pressed to glass, like fine China, A face I thought at once I knew, The wonder years are all behind her, Ripped apart and birthed anew.  
Crucified Defines The Life And Times With Kindness Suicide Deprives The Light In Life And Blinds Us From Doing Right Despite Were High And Dying By This Some Lose There Pride And Guidance I Am
Affix a smile and they’ll think that you’re okay. Maybe she won’t flip out, go crazy on you today. And should you express a feeling- then you forgot your meds. Go on and take your pills. Cure what ails your head.
I DONT WANT TO So don’t But I can’t Can’t? Good! No I can’t not I can’t can’t I can’t not do What I dont want to.    But you try Do I try? When I try I fail
B is for the beer that im pouring down my neck. the E's are for the easiness how easy it is to get. R stands for ruined  thats what im gonna get.   P stands for the pills
There’s a saying that everybody has something to take away the painYours happened to be a poison,6 months before you leftThe doctor said if you continued to abuse alcohol You would die.Being addicted to something is like a moth is to a light. Ever
The needle falls from my hand.Golden orbs still bubbling beneath my skin.Honey coursing through my veins.The sweet nectar breathes life to my lonely heart.She reaches into the inner depths of my being.
I swallow the poison my body craves, While I know the things at stake. I claw at pieces of my skin for my mother’s sake. I hurt my insides, to save the out; There’s always a price to pay.
Where does the time go? 
Full blown addiction is eating when you are hungry.
You are the beast that has slowly stolen my soul. 
Remembering the past and what I used to be is a part of my present
I'm hungry, but not for food Instead I'm hungry for the drugs that fill my stabbing emptiness Drugs that make me stop shaking, but only keep me waiting For someone to understand it's a part of me
I’m an addict
He’s got long, gray, gnarly fingers like the branches of a dying tree,
Please don't be angry, Please don't be mad,
  Ha! Remember when you hit that blunt for breakfast that morning? You thought you were on cloud 9 until you found yourself hitting rock bottom by lunch.
Addicted to organization  through words, throughout your thoughts  Addicted " to a certain kind of sadness"  within your fears and your doubts  Addicted to the words that bring you up 
Ecstasy coma My brain overwhelmed with Peace Dipping Dots are Love
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