Achieving your dreams

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One I dreamt I could fly I would fly so high I almost touched the sky One day I dreamt I was a queen I was your highness The most beautiful thing you have ever seen
They shed their blood, sweat, and tears. Doubt wasn't a stranger, but they still faced their fears. People who have made something from little nothings That have gone before me, confidently spreading their wings.
I’ve built my city beautiful and tallLights beaming, neon glowingAfter years, my city was finally builtIts atmosphere clearUntil the blue sun rose& changed it allThe blue sun beamed for months& moved all of the skies cloudsInto the tall bu
My mentor is slowly fading, cascading, 
along with dusty and rusty road i'm travelling through my path those wicked ways i've encountered are those obstacles, which I need to pass so,
Swimming in the skyline Pools More like wells Wells of spinning No Stop Wells of dripping
Who knows, where we long, to be, in life? Who knows, what, we are here, for? Who knows? Who knows?
I dreamed of lands far and wide. Where animals small and large roamed with pride. Some lived in groups some on their own. All competing and looking for places to go.
My dad told me this was a waste of my time. I plant the tripod and plug in the mic. I’m still offended, but in the video I look fine. Post the results, hankering for a like.
Days uncertain are ahead and behind Had a heartbreak, got up, kept in mind No one holds me, I am free am not I? Life is short, get up, push on, fear is a lie   Past years went by in a flash, now even more
What if reality is a fallacy, Perpetuated by affliction? Disillusionment just a deterrent For positive transition?   When all is lost, picking up
Singing at the Apollo. Dancing with Michael Jackson. Duet with Jennifer Hudson. Model for Cover Girl. Enjoy lunch with Patti Labelle. Dine with Chris Brown. Fall in Love with MY perfect guy.
I am not a brilliant creation My ideas are my creation Forced success are valued; But give strength to dreams
Possiblity  Aspirations, ambition The driving forces
Is there not a way that we can improve todayThe design of your mind is built to climbI see faces that count themselves as disgracesNot saying obsessive, just positive and impressive
My future is not define by my past                                                                                                       what happened years ago will not last                                                                         
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