My future is not define by my past                                                                                                       what happened years ago will not last                                                                                                        I will continue to grow and become stronger                                                                                         Like they say "what don't kill you, make you stronger"                                                                            Don't let anyone tell you, "you can't"                                                                                                      Just believe that your "can't" will turn into "I can"                                                                                   Have hope, faith and determination                                                                                                       Look in the mirror at your own reflection                                                                                              That's your competition, that's your motivation                                                                                        Along the road of success there will be people who will doubt you                                                     Just remember to yourself you must stay true                                                                                                                                                            You are someone future Doctor, Lawyer, Dentist or Motivational Speaker                                            The reason the world hopes and dreams will last                                                                                  Therefore, the future is not defined by the past


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