Edge of Life

Days uncertain are ahead and behind

Had a heartbreak, got up, kept in mind

No one holds me, I am free am not I?

Life is short, get up, push on, fear is a lie


Past years went by in a flash, now even more

Im wondering if Im right to decide to soar

But I have ties to hold on to, or do I?

Its the war inside I fight and fight and fight


I hunger and thirst for meaning

the assurance of success, how I need

I think that twice and thrice, cutting soul  

My heart is on the verge of bleeding


Now here I am on the cliff edge

Past decisions lead up the message

No more waiting, if wait any longer will I,

so much time spent, wasted will be my life


Tired of nothing happening,

now is the time to pursue

all I want to do

Back one year, I felt no hurry

now I see what I must do

carpe diem, resolution anew









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