As I Walk with You

along with dusty and rusty road

i'm travelling through my path

those wicked ways i've encountered

are those obstacles, which I need to pass


i still continued....

as i started to cross the road

a strong drift of wind hitted me

and my destination started to fade away...

the skies started to darkens

there's no light at all either

my hopes form into tears

my dreams started to surrender.


a cold air freeze myself

and a burning fire 

turned to ashes

and it flows down

like those blood i shed just to reach this state


i'm drowning

i'm falling out to nothing

and my determination

lies myself



and i can't see no stars

and no glittering stairs....





a strong thunder strikes

which made me surprise

my heart started to beat

and my mind 

created plots


i wondered why



i'm not yet alone



i've just tested




'cause GOD


is always there for me




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