Backyard Baller


United States
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Ball, to me, is taking everything to the court.

You do all that you can to protect this fort.

On that harwood there’s blood sweat and pain,

But from that your skills only gain.

They gain the price no other athlete puts in,

Because from that effort you almost always win.

Now it’s not all winning and trophies, right?

But it is the man who puts up a fight.


They always say no dream too big,

No dreamer too small.

But my only dream is to be playing ball!

Ball had been life, that’s all it’s about,

Until my dreams were crushed the day it gave out.

My knee burst leaving pain and sorrow,

I never even thought I’d see the break of tomorrow.


I spent my whole life dreamin’ away,

But I never thought all those dreams would end that day.

Basketball is a passion, no ordinary sport.

I’d give all that I can to be on that court.

It’s not about the fame, or even remembering the name.

All I ever wanted was to just play this game.

I never asked for anything, not even to be taller.

I guess my life now will be that backyard baller.

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