absent mother

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mama. the first word that uttered from my lips. rewind that VHS mama, what happened to holding fingers? tiny ones aching to grasp yours. feet stumbling to nameless routes 
Dear Mommy, I made new friends at lunch today. I shared all of my snacks with them.   Dear Mommy, Another girl took my seat at lunch. My friends invited her.
The day I left was the hardest day of my life Looking into your eyes killed me Blank, expressionless, emotionless It was your decision to play the wife.    I've been so angry at you for what you did
Our time together was just an instant It doesn't matter how distant I have been told a lot about hearts As if you saw love as a game of darts
She's there waiting, She knows my fate. I'm on my way, She Hoped I'd wait. I miss her so. I fear I'm late. I see her standing, at Heaven's gate.
If I had any super power It would be time travel I would go back to the day You decided I wasn’t good enough
At times, I feel like a small speck in this world. A small miserable speck. Why? Because the galaxies of our universe swallow me up to the point I am digested into the
My mother gave me a CD of Selena. i left the apartment and moved to the city expecting to her her songs, so I popped the CD in and found her fans instead, Es lo queme hablaba-
She said, if I could have done a better job I would have Sorry, she said. I had no mother of my own to learn from, she said. With her blunt remarks like stabs to my stomach,
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