The day I left was the hardest day of my life

Looking into your eyes killed me

Blank, expressionless, emotionless

It was your decision to play the wife. 


I've been so angry at you for what you did

You knew I was hurting

Instead of facing the facts

You hid. 


I wanted you to fight for me

I begged you to make the right choice

I needed you to tell me everything was okay

For my happiness, it was the key. 


Truth be told, you hurt me more than he did

Just to put it in perspective for you

That's a large accomplishment to hold

You know I was just a kid.


Yeah, Mommy, this one's for you

Your daughter you said you loved

Promised to protect

If only I had a clue. 


Trust in her mother

Is something a daughter should have 

You killed me that day

I am no longer a lover.


I know I still sound mad

And maybe I am 

But perhaps the correct word

Would be sad.


I'll forgive you one day, I promise

But today is not that day

Because those scars I carry

Are not going away. 



This poem is about: 
My family


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