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angels among us soft delicious chocolate cookies books, diary, pen & paper the morning news just sings the blues
eyes, face, hair & lips to lurk in the depths of denial yet too know all the great while a pen on paper
Dancing At The Policemen's Ball laughter, tears & crying off duty at eight we didn't even stop for a break the music was blaring inside the auditorium we were ready for the night
They say a toddlers favorite word to say with their mouth is why. Yet I find it being uttered by mine with every rhyme. Why did I stay after what you did on Lakeview and Joel?
They say it is what it is, And it was what is was, Past or present, now she is rust, Reminiscent on memories that hold no meaning,
Why be me when you can be you? Why be someone else when there is always you? Everyone has their own troubles and happiness You are the only one who knows you best No one has it perfect
Maybe in a alternative universe I'm really as ugly
Concocted some bonny memories fourteenth birthday o'thine.
First romance Hollywood hypes it up to be the greatest feeling you'll ever expierence I say its the worst Sure you get to hold hands and stroll through a moquisto infested meadow
10 Reasons: Part One   1. I hate my acne, how it blemishes my cheeks, leaving scars for you to trace in the dark as you kiss away my skin  
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