Beauty In The Dark.

Maybe in a alternative universe I'm really as ugly as I thought I was

And the wish I made when I was younger is real 
To be beautiful I said 
Staring at the window by my bed
remembering when life use to be a simple thing to me
Now that I am older I only wish to be free of this internal conflict that's been build from finally understanding reality 
Why did the chicken cross the road 
Never could answer that question until now
Chicken got tired of their daily routine
Wanted adventure amongst many to see
The real purpose of life 
We believe to have purpose 
Without purpose you feel worthless 
Buried Alive Underneath All Your Burden And Pain
I said I'm okay
You don't believe me 
Thinking my words was so convincing 
But who was I deceiving 
The people who actually cared 
The people that was actually there
From the days that I was up until the days I'd be down
Honestly all I ever wanted was peace, love and happiness 
But in the society we live in that is never happening 
Asking me what I wanna be when I grow up..? Idk happy
Now I know why fairytales are called fairytales 
Because it all end with a happily ever after
Making you believe that life can be fair 
It's impossible to be happy 
It's impossible to live free
Due to the fact that these emotions are temporary
This poem is about: 
Our world


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