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They say a toddlers favorite word to say with their mouth is why.

Yet I find it being uttered by mine with every rhyme.

Why did I stay after what you did on Lakeview and Joel?

I know you remember, but when you apologized, the words went out your mouth, 

But came from between your thighs rather than from above your honey eyes.

Why did you force me to stay if all you wanted was a repeat of what happened on third street?

The street was marked with West,

Yet your hands only went South,

While I said they needed to be Nowhere.

Some people get confused between Nowhere and Yeswhere, right there?

I always thought stop signs and dead end roads were identical twins,

but you didn't stop when my signs did.

Why do I find myself having nightmares on Tumbleweed Lane,

when I'm over a thousand miles away?

Because, even though it occurred in an Acres, and not a Town,

a public apology doesn't erase the Acres you roamed without permission,

at least not in my Town.

Between here, and there, and everywhere,

not only do I ask why, 

I internalize, and break like laws regarding brake lights.

Lanes, streets, places, and boulevards can be replaced.

It will still occur anywhere, in any place.

How much longer till someone else runs my red light again?

How come it's okay to run my stop signs, but not the streets?

Stop signs torn, red lights ignored?

Guess we have a wonderful welcome to the neighborhood.


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