Sure I Loved You Then

First romance

Hollywood hypes it up to be the greatest feeling you'll ever expierence

I say its the worst

Sure you get to hold hands and stroll through a moquisto infested meadow

But after those sparks dim and reality settles

Cloud nine seems like death

Loving a person so much that you're willing to give the last piece of your heart to them

You think to yourself that this time you're sure because you've never felt this feeling before

Everytime you kiss angels sing

When you see her face your stomach drops

But give it 3 weeks and that Notebook shit is over

She learns the real you and realizes her fantasy is taking a huge plot twist

She learns that you have to many issues and can no longer handle your bagagge and checks out of Cloud Nine and checks into the Heartbreak Hotel

And you

Little naive, foolish you

So blinded by the clouds smoke that you're living in a choking hazard and you're about to die 

Oh and dont hold your breath for them to come back

Because nobody races through airports

Nobody knocks on your door at midnight, standing in the pouring rain ready to confess they want you and only you

And for God sakes no one is going to stand on a park fountain with teared up eyes saying you complete them

Hollywood sells love like drugs

Cause first it feels so good and looks marvelous but once you get more than enough 

You're dead


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