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Some people believe I've done something wrongBut that's their beliefNot minePain is made in the imagination of the mindThose who imagineMake me to blameThey can keep their beliefs to them self
Scratches of graphite on wrinkly paper Diamond in the rough Rhymes and lines Masterpiece not yet unveiled Boring words with double meanings Expression of a mere moment Fancy talk and dramatics
Your words do not define me For I define myself Not with power and glory Nor money and wealth   You'll see her in the corner  You'll see her by herself You'll see that she's a loner
On Tuesday I ran home Just to get away from school I can't stand how the people Are so judging, are so cruel   They look at me, disgusted As if they wish that I was dead
All life does is spin and spin. The constant motion, the endless attempts- To be Noticed, To be Felt, To be Alive and Free.
Do not Judge me like you already read the book about the poor dirty man with the grease look.........Do not Judge me with your society rules and act like you know this is the life I choose........You see life only in black or white where did you g
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