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My favorite color is the fiery center of a stove once it ignites, bringing a sense of familiarity of my grandma's cooking. The sound of the heat touching the bottom of the pan, slowly boiling the ingredients together.
My life is one great symphony, So listen to its melody. The drumbeat is my heartbreak, The violins are my sorrow, The low brass proclaims my rage,
Your percussion becomes a domed playground, And I'm swept by the cacophony of your sound. The cry of the violins moves me to tears, And you soothe my fears through all the years.
What would this life be without you? Without your sweet melodies And your soft symphonies?   What would I turn to When I can’t focus Or when I am feeling discouraged?  
Band Timeless, lovely Curing, freeing, inspiring The center of my universe Family  
The harvest moon Gives an iridescent glow Onto the reflecting pool below. Crickets and cicadas sing in Perfect harmony as
SIXTH SYMPHONY   Beethoven is a liar. He would have you believe that he wants you; but behind your back, he is glad to see you go.   Happiness
Working diligently... Alone... (humming loudly to myself) POUNDING LOUDLY AT THE PIANO! I leave my solitude for a moment to get some water. (All the while, symphonies compose themselves in my head,
  i met an ivory-toothed monster he said "hello" and sang some notes i found comfort in his beautiful tone i found comfort in the things that we wrote   i remember his ebony bones
Hear we've played The Musical KeysThat Wrote down the SymphonyFor the translation of the me in youand the confiscation of the you in me  Every Note Played in StrokeWith the Caressof Just Believe 
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