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Accused, humiliated and chastened Guilty of being naive, kiddish and candid "I'm sorry ", I said. And then Fancied did I as well "I'm sorry too" From you_ Don't you think to me it was due?
Holla good-sister Aye good-brother I'm always thy brother I thank thee, O pious! Holla dear brother Aye dear sister I await thee Good heavens thou art a sinner!
Looking at your hollow eyes, Its not a surprise that you lied. Your promise to never hurt me, Well that fell through, Cause I believed it, And became the victim to you.  
If it isn’t my skin, then what shall it be? The two arms and legs that extend directly from me? That enable me to run past the wind, and jump the hurdles in front of me.
Personally I believe
I stand here before you with a smile on my face trying to determine my place in this race for success.
She said we'll never talk about it again That doesn't mean she won't think about it I did wrong And I feel like shit Why do I always fall into the Devil's temptations?
I feel dirty I am ashamed I am a disgrace How long did I think I could keep this up? Even though I knew that it wouldn't be long till I was found out Every time Never fails I feel like crying
The sleepless nights that lies within your future. I hope you praying to God to save your soul. What gave you the right to clock at at innocent young boy? Was it because he was black?
If the world is listening, Let them hear this; My life is not perfect, My life is not bliss. I'm happy almost never. The sadness always stays. I'm always the one who's wrong. I'm always the one who's to blame.
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