fed up

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I wish I was dead no am not demented nor depressed. Everything is fine but I wish I was yeah! It sounds strange but I'm just fed up.
I'm tired of people being so surprised at my depth of conversation When it's normal for you to communicate through layers, digging into the truth becomes basic...
Dear TBD, I need some time.  But- You’ll ask why and I dont know how to tell you Its you.  Time.  That is the spell keeping me standing here.  But- I’m not sure how to fix this. 
Ya nigga played you but you blamin' bitches, throwin the blame because you know he was wit us fuckin' other females but sayin he love you, the reason you take him back because he admit that he does it
Anger rises in me today, But angry things are not what I want to say. I don't want to say how I'm angry at man, For doing as much destruction as they can, I don't want to say how I much I hate,
I’m fed up with feeling like I’m failing I’m fed up with shooting for the moon and landing in the mud   I'm fed up with the pictures, the size I’m supposed to be
Stop hovering, God dammit. I'm losing it, I can't stand this.   No music, All noise. No understanding, Only judgement.   Hood up, Hide the tears. Face red,
The more I sigh, The more I exhale the pain As it hovers close to my lips
As I was passing by I saw a girl with tears in her eyes And I couldn’t bear it   I asked her why she wanted to cry She said I have no more fight And many things aren’t going right
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