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So EXACTLY WHAT Is The... " INDUSTRY "... ? A Place For Sheep To BLEAT... !!!!! Or Somewhere For The Weak... To CLAIM That They Sound Sweet...
Snowfall. Dawn.   Today’s a new day; I woke up under a tree. I did not see it before, was used to being in cages   For the one in my company, I have nothing to bring,
notorious for advertising secret eyes hide behind corporate lies, trademark mind trust in me & faith you'll find   silky smooth, underhand politely rude fashion sense
Cancer, seeping through veins, clinging to bones killing our loved ones. There’s no cure, no cure they say but what billion dollar industry would forfeit their top product? 
My grandpa was a coal miner in 1923 living in a land eroded to dust, sweating until black paste stained his face
Don't you realize what you're doing? This pot of disaster you're brewing? We make scientific advances with new toxins and decided to proceed commercial use without caution.
The bright yellow lights glowing through the night, The city of industry comes alive Flashing lights through steem Whisles coming to life through the peaks of industry Oil, air, gas all gone in an instant Though through human eye progress is limit
Gazing upon the windows of night, Soft Shells crushed in my hands, I cry as my tears fall upon scattered sand kingdoms. Intricate life scattered like sand upon the beach I stand upon.  
This business is full of egos People wanting money and fame though dollar dollar dollar bills won't buy you happiness you feel You have to give what you have If that's a voice, acting, money or a laugh
Crush, Clang, Hush, The need for speed, the right to rush, Crush, Clang, Hush, No questions asked, is it just? The working man, about to bust, Thirst and greed, unending lust, Quietly,
Women. The evolution has changed drastically. First there were role models, then there were icons But now a red sole defines one as her majesty. From the likes of Sojourner to Rosa
Blindly, we follow and nod our heads to the beat. Lyrics are nonsense when music is an industry. Nobody wants to think. Nobody wants to learn. We defer to the media to dictate our concerns.
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