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I awoke to find my passion was driven away. The reassurance that I was supposed to be here, had left its sudden stay. An engineer I am to be or so I thought - The cool shadow of ambiguity miserly besets.  
Empty thoughts have no sense of fulfillment My aspirations, desires, and concerns Fill in the empty spaces that cause me To provoke, ponder, and practice Every aspect of life Every aspect of humanity
As I lie in bed, With a pillow under my head; Being me, No one can see, So what can I be? Making decision, Is like making crucial incisions;
So I woke up one day and wondered where I was headed because I can't look back my past it has been embeded No time for regrets so I gotta keep moving but ironically I can't move because my past wasen't soothing
There’s this dream growing inside me and it’s taking over my heart. And it’s more than 15 minutes of fame, or the dream of a better start. There’s this growing need emerging to be more than what I am.
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