Sitting, staring at the walls
Why am I the one who always falls?
In the mirror across the room I see
My bloodshot eyes staring back at me
My eyes skim over my too pale cheeks
And see the tears plus all their streaks
I close my eyes and think back to when
I was wrapped up in your arms again
But now I’m here, this can’t be right
You didn’t give me time to put up a fight
Ended it all in the blink of an eye
And now I’m left to ask myself: Why?
“I’ll love you forever and ever” you said
Yet here I am alone, crying in my bed
Every day I’ll wish you were here
But you don’t want me, you’ve made that clear
I’ll get up in the morning and put on a smile
And swallow back the bitter taste of bile
Go through my day like nothing is wrong
A day without you, it is much too long
But always remember the love that we shared
And know that I loved you and how much I cared
Because soon you’ll regret it, and then you will see
But it will be too late because I will be free


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