Who is the girl behind the smile?

Tue, 04/23/2013 - 21:30 -- safira


United States
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Always smiling, never does she have a frown
Through the good times, and the bad
She stands tall and strong
It seems like nothing can break her, nothing at all
But look deeper, look into her eyes
They are crying for help, crying for somebody to notice
She smiles, but a smile can hide so many feelings
She is broken, lost, and confused
Who is the girl behind the smile?
The girl doesn't even know, she is fighting
But her enemy, is herself
She is trying to escape but yet she is running in cricles
Who is the girl behind the smile?
She is crying for help, but nobody hears her
People say they care, but yet nobody has yet to help her
Who is the girl behind the smile?
She wants to live again and be the innocent little girl
She can't hold on any longer, to a life she doesn't want
She is slowly slipping, slipping away
Grasping, holding, screaming,
Nobody can hear her
She is gone
So long
Now they miss you?
Rest easy angel

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