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  Hello from the other side. A darker side of life where you are the last brown crayon to be picked in the box.
I am not a number. I am not another data point in a meaningless statistic. I am a human, flesh and blood; With a spirit like a lion And a hopeless wanderer’s heart.
With words you fight, No better than a bully. You shove with the pretense of learning, You say you are going to give us a rope of knowledge,
What if I told youThe things that you say,The jokes that you tell,The pranks that you play,All those things really hurt me today. That girl in the front,The one with the money;Her words for youAre sweet like honey.She’s your favorite,She’s the bes
I am a number. A total which defines me. It says whether I am brilliant or remedial, whether I am present or absent, whether I ascend or decline. A statistic amongst the world. Numbers do not feel.
Heart trembling, mind racing, palms sweaty, thinking.....  Will the good thoughts roll or will the bad thoughts take control As life unfolds the crincles in the paper leave me caustrophobic in a tight place 
4 out of 5 teens who attempted suicide have given clear warning How many do you think have died this morning? With their mental suffocation, detrimental frustration, judgmental conscience pushing towards their isolation...
I REFUSE To bow down before the problems that surround me, never will I surrender to the negativity around me, call me optimistic but pessimism won’t confound me, I’m rejoicing everyday because tears can never drown me. I REFUSE
"You're stupid." "You're unworthy." "You're a disappointment." I would hear time and time again. I hear them carousel through my mind. No one ever told me I was stupid or unworthy,
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