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My first poet was a subdued dramatic Speaking in succinct lines Of delicate 2/4 rhymes. In which success is counted sweetest, When the inland soul goes out to sea.
I'm from When You Wish Upon A Star to A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes From toys made out of cardboard, but made by someone loved From pool days to snow days
On the inside hallucinations are created, a sense of clarity while the others stay sedated. Graphite hits paper, scribbles take form, even the beauty he’s known has to grow horns.
With words you fight, No better than a bully. You shove with the pretense of learning, You say you are going to give us a rope of knowledge,
What if I told youThe things that you say,The jokes that you tell,The pranks that you play,All those things really hurt me today. That girl in the front,The one with the money;Her words for youAre sweet like honey.She’s your favorite,She’s the bes
I am a number. A total which defines me. It says whether I am brilliant or remedial, whether I am present or absent, whether I ascend or decline. A statistic amongst the world. Numbers do not feel.
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