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It’s been ages since we decided to live apart I want to hold your hip and kiss your lips Please return to me, my sweet little princess Darling, it’d be so good to have you back .
During the night I lie awake and pray; The moment is something I won’t forget, Will the pain today ever go away?   The process leaves me in complete dismay,
I love you, I really do But you know we can not be. We are too afraid to face reality. We have been to close for far too long, And found our spot of comfort. We will never move beyond that,
The cracking of the bone echoed deep within my soul. I faded in and out. My limbs became cold. What seemed like seconds was more like hours. The beeping was steady. Guests came bearing flowers.
One No one can feel the dark rivers of hatred flooding my soul Two No one knows about the bloody tears shed late at night Three No one cares about my consideration of my own destruction Four
If my body could talk Laughter would erupt from within and flood the air "Why do such random and strange thoughts race through your mind?" "Thanks for all the terribly fatty food that tastes amazing."  
When I am able, I speak my mind. But mostly, I am silent. Their Judgment will be final so I stay away. Only to find thier eyes back on me. I try to be noticed in positive ways,
I pushed to hard I've gone too far There's no turning back and redemption to be had It's not fair I've come too far to have it end in dispair Blood, sweat, and tears my worst fear
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