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I got so tired of people giving up on me That I learned to believe in myself Got so tired of my world falling apart That I learned how to hold up the sky   I got so tired of the rainy days
I sit, watching him drink even though he’s wasted. Blotchy skin, red and damp, and the slick guitar strummed under slurring words.
A cardboard cut out A want-to-be, Of a down-to-earth Personality. Just a bit more in touch, With reality. Can't handle day-to-day. And there's no such thing as peace. So numb as ever,
How dare you do this!Must think I am blind and deaf,I thought more of you.
The greatest thing About this place Is the lack of conformity. I am allowed to speak my mind,  However it won't change the hands of time. 239 years in a downward spiral,
It's never is your intention But it happened nevertheless. Now your joyous arrival Leaves me in distress. I am angry with reason I am sad with distress I am disappointed with hope
You don't know how much it hurt  When you came home collapsing. Words slurred together into a sentence, At least that's what I think it was. You stumbled like a baby taking its first steps,
Love always leads to disappointment.   I’m crazy for you   Everyone can see that, but you   I love your voice   Love your smile  
"what makes you tick?"   
Disappointed You are lost in time. 
Freedom of speech Or freedom to be rude Freedom of religion More like freedom for discrimination   Let’s get real here People are racist Especially my generation.  
Running Running FUNNING running Funneling grape soda and cranberry juice through a lemon squeezer Why not? It’s all pointless anyway. Birds fall out of the sky like
Just when I feel that our relationship has prevailed You pull away and remind me why we've never been strong Not even enough to withstand the falls And never to rise You rekindle the fire that burns my heart
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