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She cries and breathes heavily
No one understands her.
She has tried over and over again
To fit in.

And yet when she walks down the hallways
She holds her books closer
As her so called peers look down on her.

Whispery screams play on her head
“Im not okay”
“You don’t care”
“Its my fault”
“Why should I live?”

And then it becomes clear
“Im not staying here,
Im not going to do it”
Marching down the hall
She begins to plan
A knife, a rope, pills.

A smiling demon watches from the bushes
And she runs to her 
Dropping her stuff. 
People stare, people watch
As she gets into her car
And screams 

There is a knock on the door
The sheriff stands behind the window.
She screams as he tries to open the door
She screams as he tries to calm her down
She says as she hits his chest

And still he holds her closer.
His words,
his warmth,
his actions,
Become her saving grace.

Poetry Slam: 


Annie Richards

What a very interesting way of describing this! I really liked the different style you have. I love how the police coming to find the person in the poem become the saving grace. The title really got my attention. Out of curiousity, what prompted you to use numbers instead of letters? Overall, really neat! Keep writing!


Thank you Annie Richards!!! Sorry I never replied to you before I havent been here in a while, but to answer your question I must first give you a little background :). At the time I wrote this poem, my sister was going to a magnet school expecialized in math and sciences. She would get really stressed about it all the time, talking about how hard it was and how she wasn't the only one that thought so. Anyways, when I wrote this poem I was sitting at my sister's school parking lot and I kept seeing kids running to their cars and I could definitely see some of them being REALLY depressed or down plus I was also hearing some of the convos going on around me. So for the title I decided to write in a point of view where your head is so full of information and equations that you wouldnt be able to distinguish letters from numbers anymore. As for the police being the saving grace, I saw the school police guard go to one of the students that day and comfort them. In fact if I hadn't seen that happen, Im pretty sure the poem would have ended another way. Anyways hope this answers your question and thank you again!

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