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Some critics say I compose good poems, Others regard my work as nonsense My poems can interest or bore you It depends on how you view the words I write about the past and the present
Have you ever asked me if I was okay?  Have you ever asked me how was my day? Money is all you cared about And you got it no matter where you stayed You didn't care about my emotions
If you get too intimate with your best friend There might come up two paths Each one is more dangerous than the other You have to choose Whether the most secure and safe Or take a risk and name you as a couple
Social Media, feeding the Obsession. Expression which switches Depression to Repression. Lies disguise our devotion to true emotion. Self-Hatred, the secret sacred Entity for a hurting Identity.
Stare at this paper writing yeah life is complete Bullshit that is,music is my only retreat Demons haunting me I could never hope to defeat
I've cried, I've weeped, I've screamed Can you not see me?? Tell me have I become of a burden You've taken me into oblivian Can you not see me??
Pretty Please Comment Let me know I am heard I am a slut for reviews That aren't just in my head   I need someone who tells Where they think the story goes Leaving lasting spells
The heart beats to that of a mind In time I shall wait for you But that's of a different kind In which we'll finally live that of a life we were meant to Listlessly waiting for a love that was never mine
I said i'm going to rise to the top of the mountain....wait wait wait... I said I'm going to rise to the top of the mountain. Stand on this stage declaring my Name,say. Because I am a king, ayee.
How does one mend a broken heart? Let go Don't dwell on what's been  It's not fair to what's now Or what could be Don't be the one to wish "what if" That "what if" will turn into "why"
Blind Ambition Keeps me wishin' I had someone like You   Orange burst of passion Purple mist
Social Media     Facebook -   Making a page that will deliberately describe what I want to say.
This is for you.
A Three Letter Word   No one likes to talk about it yet every human being goes through it.A three letter word that sucks all your hope, making you bitter & controlled.Some begin striving for the pot of gold which slowly fades to copper while t
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