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What does it mean to be a black man in love? Does his fist uncoil for the hand he dreams of or does his chilled heart melt away because of the fire within her eyes?
Suzie and Manny drive down the road. Suzie is light and Manny is dark. But they don’t mind as their hands hold. They make their way to the skate park As they hear a siren bold. Manny pulls over to remark
I said i'm going to rise to the top of the mountain....wait wait wait... I said I'm going to rise to the top of the mountain. Stand on this stage declaring my Name,say. Because I am a king, ayee.
Pretty Ain't Smart! You've got two legs, two lips, and one heart. One head with no brain! Girl, you must be insane! You've got looks, that do no good with books. Pretty Ain't Smart...
Some of you might be afraid By the way these people are portrayed There’s no doubt they did an awful thing But it is so intriguing what their minds bring Criminals is what I mean
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