For two whole years she lived in fear

Of the havoc he might bring,

If she tried to run away from him,

Or reject his diamond ring.


For two whole years she stood in silence

As he pressured her for more,

Whispering words of reassurement,

As he closed the bedroom door.


Five years ago, when they first met,

She became mesmerized,

By his rich brown hair,

Smooth Spanish flair,

And his deep set, chocolate eyes.


He always smelt strongly of cinnamon,

And his skin was smooth to the touch.

He radiated an aura of warmness,

Which she loved, and craved, so much. 



Yet those big brown eyes that were once so loving,

Have since turned dark and cold.

He became aggressive,

And overly obsessive,

For he could not be controlled.


She didn’t even realize that he was abusing her,

Or that his treatment towards her was wrong,

Because she blamed herself,

For his unhappiness,

Which is why she stayed so long.


He proceeded to control her, like a puppet on a string,

And this lasted year after year.

She needed to escape,

And go somewhere safe,

For she was tired of living in fear.


It’s been two whole years since she ran away,

And she is finally feeling free.

Yet in the back her mind, she can’t help but think,

“He is going to come back for me...”


She knows the battle is far from over,

But at least this is a start.

He may have stolen her safety, stolen her trust

But he can never steal her heart.




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