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Please don't doubt it I do love you For me love is not an emotion, it's a choice Although i can't have you and you can't have me I never want you to leave
Princess Cara and Sir Arthur Approached a fork in the path. She jumped from her stallion,
Cheers to the unforgettable memor
Started my day before sunrise Started my day after noontide Started my day at witching hour 16 or 12 hours, all shifts I devour   Started my day with sarcastic smiles
Pressing in from all sides anxieties, responsibilities must does and duty the to do list on the fridge the daily remainders and refrains keep the family together go to first job
You are my best friend, a great brother, a great person. I look up to you, my hero. What happens if you come back and you don't care about me the same?
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, but forward the light brigade? Seems odd for soldiers to fight in war When generals see their choices made.
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