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How controlled people drinking closed off behind orange barracades Regulated Their fun and the environment they have it in are only as far as authority allows them to. Their freedom looks on the surface
I feel like I am three years old,  With the authority of a king  I can send ships, I can rule the city  I can create wealth and induce poverty 
Power  It isn't held within those who can afford it  Power  Is being the one to stand up when no one else does Power 
I’m not just a coach. I know I’m always right But I’m not a massive douche. I wish I was taller, I make up for it with my truck; My truck wishes she was taller too. My wife wears my pants
A league of oppressors, power-hungery and lusting for blood. A coalition of liars bound together by misinterpretation. A collection of cheats, blinded by greed. A murder of crows, watching the world from above.
To the back of my teeth I itchDown from my cold core I wretchFrom when I was young, to the tip of my tongueThe thoughts inside long to etchSkin crawls like legs that wanderBeneath I'll bubble and burn
You call this higher learning? You call this a class? I think what you should call this is a half empty glass. What are you doing with your life, where are you going with this class.
The role of an educator grants power and authority, Yet some treat students with degrading inferiority   Your role is hard and I respect your position Because a role as a teacher is
Turning around from the face of the commons, Dashing towards that figure of authority, Viewing the cries of the summons, Seeing the pleads of minority. My thoughts run towards that mighty being,
What if the canyons that ran on our hands Were scars from the crusades we never fought? And due to the restraints of our commands We never dared explore what we ought not.  
In a universe That exists today Inevitably will obliterate For this too shall pass away   A kingdom stretching across the sphere Authority’s on different feet
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