Time, I’m begging you please

Slow down for me

You’re going too fast

Like a child running mad


Yes, Like a child running mad


Time, please go real slow


So I can feel hope

Run in my veins

Run in my soul

Cause I need to go slow


Everything seems like its out of my reach

My skin and my faith are falling at the seams

I’m dreaming too big while the seconds tick by

And all I need is TIME


So time, i'll beg you once more

Please go real slow

Hold on to me

As I search for a home

As I try to reach home. 


Time, you're going too fast

Like a child running mad

I'm running out of air

Running out of laughs


Running out of laughs


Time, please listen to me

I'm bleeding these words

I'm bleeding more words


Cause' you're not going slow. 


This poem is about: 
Our world


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